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Lladro Koi Dome Table Lamp. Golden Luster.

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Lladro Koi Table Lamp. Golden Luster.

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Lladro Koi Dome Table Lamp. Golden Luster.



Lladro Koi Dome Table Lamp.

Table lamp made of Matte white porcelain with a large, colorful dome shaped screen.

Translucent screen decorated with hand-engraved Koi in gilded luster while moving along the waves.

Wireless lamp from the Dome collection created with the technique of lithophany, in which Lladr√≥’s artists are true masters.

Its large, dome-shaped screen is made of translucent porcelain, which lets in light and projects the evocative hand engraved motifs.

In this version of the tent decorated with golden luster Koi, furrowing the waves.

The result is a warm and evocative brightness that calls for peace of mind.

Powered by an LED module with a USB rechargeable battery and a touch intensity regulator that creates the perfect indoor and outdoor environment.

Height 15 cm x Width 11 cm.

A perfect piece as a wedding gift, for special occasions or for decoration.



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